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Mediation Dynamics



Resolving Employment and Construction Disputes Through Patience, Perseverance and Tact

Mediation Dynamics was founded by Laurence Yadon, an attorney with over thirty years of experience representing both individuals and businesses in complex transactions and employment litigation. Alternative dispute resolution has been his legal passion since law school. Mr. Yadon's range of practice has included employment, labor, construction, real estate, telecommunications, legislative drafting and general litigation. Mr. Yadon's litigation experience has included participation in one matter argued successfully to the Supreme Court of the United States. He has negotiated settlements ranging from a few hundred dollars to one matter resolved for a present value of $34,000,000. The nature of his practice requires him to communicate equally well with executives, Congressional staff, lobbyists, technicians and blue collar workers on demand.

Mediation Philosophy: Mr. Yadon has been an Adjunct Settlement Judge in the Northern District of Oklahoma since 1994 and is also a trained private mediator, usually resolving the employment and construction disputes entrusted to him without ever using delay as a tactical weapon. He strongly believes that each settlement negotiation has a natural tempo which must be respected, while at the same time recognizing the valuable time each party is investing with the hope of achieving a speedy resolution of the dispute. All parties and participants are treated with respect.

Mediation Practice Areas: Subjects which Mr. Yadon has mediated or addressed in settlement conferences include complex factual construction disputes. Employment matters have ranged from CEO compensation to blue collar workplace injuries, and include allegations of wrongful discharge, failure to promote or hire and discrimination based on age, race, sex, religion, national original and gender. Other claims he has mediated include hostile environment and quid pro quo sexual harassment as well as same sex sexual harassment. Mr. Yadon has also mediated FLSA, FMLA, Equal Pay Act, complex ADA, severe personal injuries, replevin, wrongful arrest and civil rights violations.

Arbitration Practice Areas: Mr. Yadon has arbitrated disputes since 1997, often focusing on factually detailed construction disputes, but more recently including discrimination claims. Construction matters have included warranty existence, enforcement, limitations and exclusions of remedies, work delays, latent and patent defects, impact of weather conditions, water drainage and flowage, concrete formulation, electrical and plumbing, brick work, framing pool decking, integrity of roof and wall construction, shingling and driveway installations.

Education and Professional Affiliations: Mr. Yadon is a graduate of the University of Tulsa and the University of Oklahoma College of Law. He is current Co-Chair of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the Oklahoma Bar Association, member of the ADR section, past member fee arbitration Committee, Tulsa County Bar Association, and a mediation panel member, United States District Court, Western District of Oklahoma. He is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States.

Recent Presentation and Publication Experience: Mr. Yadon speaks from time to time on arbitration and mediation before college students and ADR professionals. Most recently, he presented a paper, "Enforcement of Arbitration Awards" at an Oklahoma Bar Association seminar on the new Oklahoma Revised Uniform Arbitration Act. He has also spoken to civic groups on Oklahoma history. His book, Oklahoma Outlaws, Gangsters and Lawmen, co-authored with Dan Anderson is scheduled for publication and nationwide distribution in March, 2007. The book was edited by Robert Barr Smith, noted historian, History Channel commentator and Assistant Dean of the University of Oklahoma College of Law.

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